Return to Profit: Minimising Returns with Tableau

5 June 2024 11:00
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Returns, and the costs associated with managing them, are the unwelcome side effect of the boom in online retailing. Returns have become a significant drag on the bottom line, or looking at it another way, a prime target for cost saving efforts. However many retailers are struggling to wrangle the large, complex and disparate data sets in order to make sensible daily decisions that can positively impact the returns rate.

In this webinar, Tableau and The Information Lab will demonstrate how it can be easier than you think, and offer ways to:

  • Predict and Prevent Returns: Learn how Tableau can make it easy to create predictive analytics and so forecast potential returns, enabling proactive measures to address underlying buying, merchandising or supply chain issues and minimise return rates.

  • Gain Deeper Customer Insights: Use self-serve analytics to unveil patterns and preferences, allowing merchandisers to tailor their offerings and enhance customer satisfaction.

  • Drive Revenue Growth: Witness how leveraging data insights can not only mitigate returns but also drive sales by aligning product offerings with customer preferences and market demand.

Join us for 30 minutes of content (plus time for Q&A) to hear how we have worked with other retailers to deliver these outcomes, and get inspired for the impact you can have on your business. Kick off your FREE Tableau trial following the webinar, leveraging The Information Lab consulting support to get you up and running quickly and successfully.

Wednesday 5 June 2024
11:00 AM to 11:45 AM
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1st Floor, 25 Watling Street, London, EC4M 9BR
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